After having dedicated my entire life as a TaeKwon-Do practitioner and preacher of the Art, it is my pleasure to officially announce the establishment of Life ITF (also known as Life International TaeKwon-Do Federation).  Life ITF’s repurposing and rebranding of our Art founded by the late General Choi Hong Hi is to follow more closely the principles and ideals of General Choi. Our Philosophy has not changed, nor have our techniques, only improved versions of them. The Philosophy is Life itself, which carries our daily endeavours. TaeKwon-Do is our method that drives our lives to the right path. 

Since the birth of TaeKwon-Do in April 11, 1955, we have gone a long way of promoting the Art. It has influenced the lives of many, penetrated all kinds of cultures and ethnicities, without discrimination. Our vision is to re-explore the values of Life, combine it with the concepts of TaeKwon-Do and share it with the world to make a significant impact. We look forward to sharing more to the community. Please stay tuned.

President Han Sam Soo

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