Life International TaeKwon-Do Federation is honoured to announce that Grand Master Kim Jong Chan, pioneer of TaeKwon-Do, has been appointed as the Honorary President of Life ITF. Honorary President Kim, a key founding member of the ITF, has trained with General Choi before the federation was even established. He has developed and helped General Choi create much of the TaeKwon-Do we know today. Most notably, he created the first International Instructor Course for ITF; and in 1974, he hosted the world’s first TaeKwon-Do Championship in Montreal, Canada. 

The Vancouver-based Grand Master, according to himself, still trains on a daily basis, demonstrating one of the key tenets pf TaeKwon-Do, perseverance and that TaeKwon-Do promotes a healthier, stronger and happier lifestyle. Grand Master Kim’s appointment as Honorary President is a perfect fit for Life ITF because of his founding role in TaeKwon-Do, his accomplishments  in building ITF and the values that he shares with LITF. There is no better nominee than Grand Master Kim. 

LITF is closer to uniting the rest of the ITF world with the vision of the late founder General Choi and thrives to accurately share the teachings, the mottos, the philosophy and the wisdom that the original ITF was intending to promote when TaeKwon-Do was founded and established on April 11, 1955.


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