To celebrate LITF’s first anniversary, we would like to thank each and one of you followers and likers of our social media pages as well as all our members who have been sticking with us during both good times and bad.

Our founding was not necessarily in the perfect moment—right in the middle of the pandemic. LITF’s operation solely depends on dojang and other organization’s engagement and success. When most schools were shut down during our founding, we had to stay even stronger, to cross dangerous paths without looking back. This pandemic, however, has proven that we, as practitioners of TaeKwon-Do, are not easily defeated when we follow the tenets, especially Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit. 

As we are into our second year since the establishment, we would like to reiterate our philosophy of LITF involves incorporating the value of life into the training for the purpose of improving each of our lives. While it has been part of the teaching from day one, it has since became a history. One of the main objectives of establishing this federation is to emphasize the importance of seeking and acknowledging the impact or influence TaeKwon-Do has on life and vice-versa. As one ages and undergoes different phases of life, TaeKwon-Do can apply principles that will empower the individual in those experiences. The fundamental principle in life is in its roots. The three necessary components of life are water, sun (light) and air (oxygen). The existence of all three must be present for life to sustain and grow. Learning to appreciate the gift of these resources from the heaven is a first step in developing a good mind and spirit in which further merits can be developed in the inner self. Individuals with bad or evil intentions will not utilize our art in its full extent. LITF will explore more of these philosophies to the world of TaeKwon-Do.

There are multiple concerns LITF would like to tackle. Many have expressed concerns on the politics and the focus of the federation. As the previous paragraph has suggested, we will be reintroducing the true form of TaeKwon-Do. That is, LITF will solely offer the education of the art, both the TaeKwon (techniques) and the Do (life). We will not and have no interest in the politics of other organizations, federations or countries in terms of TaeKwon-Do. We will continue to express our perspectives and position by demonstrating LITF’s approach as a federation. As more organizations are becoming upset and frustrated by the politics played by the aforementioned, LITF can ensure all that we are not working for ourselves but all our members. The members are the ones we serve. There shall be no single individual in this federation that will dictate rules for the benefits, usually monetary, of a limited selection of unelected individuals. This federation shall remain open to voices within our member groups and each will contribute to a greater cause for the future of this federation and for many generations to come.

With our mission of giving back to the TaeKwon-Do community, we welcome dojang’s from anywhere in the world that align with our philosophy and motto. TaeKwon-Do is our blood, it is our sweat and it is our tear. We will continue to promote TaeKwon-Do the way it was founded and deliver a safer, healthier and happier lifestyle to all.


Han Sam Soo
President of LITF, Pioneer & Grand Master

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