To the TaeKwon-Do World

Today, as the Chief Advisor of Life International TaeKwon-Do Federation (LITF), I am writing to the ITF world of TaeKwon-Do and to the rest of the world watching. Since joining LITF, I have been focused in steering the federation to adhere to fundamental principles that were once a basis of ITF. Since our founder General Choi’s passing, ITF seems to exist by name only. Until LITF was established, true ITF has been lost and there has yet to have a federation with a clear objective and unaffected by self-interest of those running it. 

LITF, led by President & Grand Master Han Sam Soo, a dedicated and devoted pioneer, leader and student of General Choi, is the closest to the original ITF since our founder’s passing that I have ever seen to date. Together with myself and Hon. President Kim Jong Chan, we have been through a combined century of TaeKwon-Do and counting. With our experience and knowledge, we can ensure the path of LITF is a correct one. At LITF, we maintain the idea that ITF is a democratic system where the leaders of each organization are automatically members of the board. Each member has a voice that will be heard within and will be instrumental to the growth of the federation. LITF offers to all members, international certification and recognition as well as support in knowledge, techniques, philosophy and business operation. Members can at any point in time visit us or more effectively invite us to their school’s for a seminar to proactively discuss TaeKwon-Do.

While there are many that politics remains to be a topic of concern for many of our members as well as non-members. We do not wish to see the ITF diverging from the roots and misrepresenting General Choi’s philosophy. LITF’s sole focus is TaeKwon-Do and nothing else. Although there remains much work to be done in developing this federation, such work cannot be done with a limited community and membership. In order to be a part of LITF, we do not require severing ties with other organizations and ITFs. We believe other ITFs and LITF can work towards a greater society. LITF welcomes members from all over the world, regardless of creed, culture or religion. Our doors open so knock away—we can be found via our website and social media. We hope to hear from you very soon.


Yu Hong Son
Chief Advisor of LITF, Pioneer & Grand Master

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