The Philosophy of Life ITF

Life cannot exist without WATER, SUN and AIR. Earth as we know it, mankind and eventually TaeKwon-Do would not exist. We have been given a miracle, a chance existence which should not be taken for granted.

Water and sun provide life for plants. Plants release oxygen for us to breathe. As humans and animals breathe, carbon dioxide is released back to plants and trees which supplement their growth. This interdependent cycle of life and respect of water, sun and air, which encompasses life itself, is the foundation and philosophy of Life ITF.

The literal translation of TaeKwon-Do is Kick Punch-Life; the meaning however encompasses the tenets in which practitioners carry themselves everyday. The dash represents balance between techniques and tenets. Training is incomplete without fully embracing both aspects. Unlike other martial arts, the purpose of TaeKwon-Do is to prevent offensive combat, conflict and ultimately war. Disciplined training seeks to create a healthy mind and body in which to influence and spread to those around us.

The harmony of the appreciation of life and the dedicated training of TaeKwon-Do is what distinguishes Life ITF from others.

Life ITF Membership Benefits

The late former President & Grand Master Han Sam Soo was devoted in teaching the idea that human beings are innately seeking for happiness, whether as a child, a teenager or various stages in adulthood. It is evident that many have once said in their deathbed that the most valuable is being happy with their closest, even Steve Jobs when he was severely ill. The reason ITF has become a capitalistic tool is to seek happiness. Many of us, especially in major cities have been programmed to pursue materialistic happiness. Many people crave for the latest product, something they do not own. By the time they have purchased it after weeks or months of saving money, their happiness is at its pinnacle. This could last several weeks or maybe even days. Once this product is accustomed to the individual, she looks forward to the next product on her list and the cycle repeats itself. 


How Life ITF is different from others is that we educate our Members on appreciating all the things we currently have. This includes water, sun and air, or nature. It is the basis that sets the standard. If we do not appreciate or value the resources nature has given to us, we do not appreciate anything else in our lives, and this includes family, friendship, amount of money we have, the products we own, the career we currently have, our health, etc. It is ironic when we lose something we used to have, we begin to mourn over not treasuring or appreciating it when we had it at the beginning. 


When we have the opportunity to assemble in a seminar, on top of the techniques and philosophy that will be the foundation, we will be able to discuss how to improve our happiness, satisfaction and safer lives. 

Life ITF's Mission & Purpose

Besides the life changing Philosophy & Benefits stated above, there is a primary objective of establishing this entity. 

Life ITF has roots directly from General Choi’s purest form of ITF, philosophically and technically. General Choi’s (and now Grand Master Han Sam Soo’s) objective was to create a democratic and fair governing body, which allows Members to voice their opinions on matters surrounding the federation. Members are schools, clubs, organizations or other associations within the local community. They will acquire recommendations from Life ITF on managing the business as well as the teachings (both ethically and technically). The Leader of each Member has 100% ownership of the school, club, organization or other associations and has freedom to manage it however the Leader wishes to do so, as long as the constitution is being followed.

The constitution is the foundation in which Life ITF bears its values and principles. General Choi’s original motto was to be fair to the Members: making it reasonably affordable for the Members to apply for certificates for their students. When certificates and seminars or other services provided by the federation (in our case, Life ITF) are preposterously expensive, like going to college, the ultimate victims are the students. TaeKwon-Do’s objective is to create a healthy, joyful and safer neighbourhood, community and eventually the world. If such fees are absurdly high, it makes TaeKwon-Do a commercial product, inaccessible for everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Currently there is division within ITF and our late former President & Grand Master Han wished to unite those who are dissatisfied with the current governing parties that have deflected from the original principles and teachings of General Choi. Grand Master Han, depressed about the situation, decided to establish Life ITF in order to maintain the history of TaeKwon-Do for many generations to come.