Founder of LITF

Our Founder (of LITF), Grand Master Han Sam Soo, was a pioneer and had been a close assistant of our late Founder (of TaeKwon-Do), General Choi Hong Hi. Grand Master Han’s entire life had devoted to TaeKwon-Do. His vision closely relates to General Choi’s idea and principles.

President Han’s Biography:

1955: Started Martial Arts training (Karate, Judo and Kickboxing)
1964: Started TaeKwon-Do training
1960’s: Three times national medalist of gold, silver and bronze in Korea.
1966: Met Founder General Choi
1966 to 1990: Assisted General Choi
1970: Kickboxing champion (middle weight)
2013 to 2019: Assisted President Choi Jung Hwa
2021: Founded Life ITF