For a long time in TaeKwon-Do tradition, black belt holders have a particular status compared to colour belts. Within the black belt circle seniority applies similarly. The first status one earns once becoming a black belt is the name in which he is referred to. Before, the individual goes by his first name. Now, he is called by his surname (or last name), with “Mr.” in front. If it’s a female, “Ms.” or “Mrs.”, depending on her marital status. 

The least senior students typically will have to carry on the actions of respect for the more senior levels, masters and grand masters, whether they are instructors or students. These actions include holding the doors, pouring soju to the brim or close to it whenever the cup is finished. When greeting or saying good-bye, the lower ranked shall bow with his head lower than the head of the more senior.

Shaking hands will require to have the right arm in front and the left arm perpendicular to support the shaking arm. The left hand shall sit just below and the between the right forearm and the elbow. These traditions define what TaeKwon-Do stood for and shall be inherited and preserved